an audiovisualizer tryin to crib the style of a zx spectrum loading screen for the input optional jamz.

tryin to get raster bars and attribute clash repped

for better or for worse :O

webgl version just plays somethin thrown together for ya

desktop versions will play whatever mp3 or ogg you stick in the /music subdirectory

there is some support for simple format *.lrc files if you wanna have song lyrics onscreen. they seem to have fallen out of favor since the last time i thought about them in the late 90s but you can make your own with just give them the same name as their associated song but with a .lrc extension.

postjam update adds some stuff to make it somewhat reasonable to use as a music player, mp3 playback prolly fixed, you can use subdirectories, and theres a few buttons you can press. hitting ESC will bring up this list anytime also. just for the desktop versions though :o

Q: toggle highres
V: toggle vsync
SPACE: play/pause
RightArrow: next track
LeftArrow: previous track
R: randomplay
Backspace: recheck music dir
P: show playlist

In Playlist:
UpArrow: track up
DownArrow: track down
PageUp: track upx24
PageDown: track downx24
Enter: play selected
P: close playlist

Alt+Enter: fullscreen toggle
Alt+F4: exit


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the dragon seems... familiar..

Super neat! I was trying to figure out if the colors also changed due to the music's influence as well but I think it was just randomized (you'll correct me if I'm wrong :D).

Also, as a funny happen stance, WebGL doesn't work super great for me (I also have hardware acceleration turned off due to the strain it puts on my computer) and it produced a very interesting result lol:

By comparison, the downloaded version worked great

color change is always random but it does happen more quickly and more often for music that's more energetic :o 

oh noo broken shader pink :< i'll probably hafta figure out how to fix that someday

Lol! Like I said, the WebGL stuff is mostly broken for “me”, since I have a lot turned off in chrome. So hopefully everyone else sees it as intended lol ❤️