Long ago, Naturebot X000 was built to protect and care for wild life. But one dark night, Naturebot ran out of fuel in the depths of the wilderness. This marvelous automaton was thought to have been lost forever, until one-hundred years later when a group of explorers discovered Naturebot. They managed to power on the robot once more and named him “Rusty”.

With electricity once more flowing through its circuitry, neither rust nor glitch can stop Naturebot Rusty from protecting the animals of the forest!

default keys: arrows+z+x, remappable in options

collect pets and attend to their needs. their affection transcends even the grip of death :O fulfill your purpose to achieve the ultimate reward: a purpose fulfilled.

done in 72h for ludum dare 41


postjam updates:

sound :x


bug creation


NATUREBOTRUSTY_WIN32_051518_2015.zip 14 MB
NATUREBOTRUSTYMAC.app_051118_1359.zip 19 MB
NATUREBOTRUSTY_LINUX_051118_1359.zip 19 MB

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